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Creative Heads of Surang


Surang Studio is a full fledged Audio & Video Production Suite, owned by the Lovely Media Couple Sushama & Ranganathan, both of whom together and individually have appeared in several ADs, TV Shows… T S Ranganathan has been a News Anchor for Two Decades Now and a Voice Artiste dubbed for more than 15000 Commercials… Sushama is an accomplished Bharatanayam Danseuse who has performed across India… Both of them Direct Ad Films and Short films as well… Surang Studio has Two Fully Equipped Audio studios, With a Very Spacious Voice Room and a Very Spacious Console Room. Our Dedicated Team Members provide you with the best services such as Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Post-Production, Transfers, Mobile Recordings, Live Sound, Video Production, Video Editing, Graphics Designing! CD Replication, Green Matt Studio, Music Jamming Hall…

Surang Studio is one of the Most Wanted Best Studios in Chennai… Every wall, Every Design, every space of the studio bears the beauty that’s found expression with the Vision of its Proprietor T S Ranganathan & CEO -Sushama Ranganathan.
The Studio is poised to provide the best of Audio Video services as such as Recording Carnatic Classical Music, Fusion Music, Recording Bands, Composing Radio Jingles, Advertisement Commercials, Television / Movie Soundtracks, Background Scores, Dubbing, Internet Promos, Radio Ads, Corporate Presentations and much much more… Here at Surang Studio we travel that last mile and the additional distance to provide you with the ultimate complete output…
Join us for a tour of Our Studios Facilities and view the services offered to find out why Surang can be your best choice


Recording Studios
Studio A – Recording & Mixing Studio

Surang Studio A is a state-of-the-art Music, Dubbing & Post Production Studio which has a Large Control Room and a Large Live Room. Latest Pro-Tools, Genelec Monitor Speakers, Large 4K Television Monitors for Dubbing and Synchronisation… Studio A is expandable into Studio B and The large hall in terms of Additional Instruments which have to simultaneously record their parts… Studio A is ideal for any type of work…

Impeccable Acoustics, The Right Ambience and The Perfect Ambience for your Recording Sessions


Studio B – Dubbing & Mixing studio

Studio B at Surang is more a Compact Studio… Most suitable for Dubbing Sessions and Karaoke Sessions, Corporate Voice Overs, Ad Voice Overs, Jingle Productions etc…

This Voice Room of Studio B can double up as an extra Room for Live Recordings happening in Studio A, where people may want, additional instruments recorded simultaneously Compact & Ideal


Surang Multipurpose Hall

An Acoustically well treated Large Hall is a Multipurpose Hall which serves as

1. A Green Matt Studio for Dance Productions, Product Videos, Youtube Videos etc
2. A Rehearsal Hall for Jamming Sessions, Practice Sessions
3. A Large Hall  where we can record live instruments at the same time which can be recorded either in Studio A or Studio B


Our History

Surang Studio got established and was one of the few Non-Linear Audio Studios in Chennai then
Surang moves from the older locations, lock stock and barrel to the Current Location where everything is literally under a Single Roof…
An Additional Space was added on for storing Equipments for Live Shows
Surang inaugurated its 2nd Studio mainly to cater to the Advertisement Industry of Chennai, Where All the bigwigs of Industry like Rajeev Menon, Manav Menon, JD Jerry, Ajith Chandrasekhar, Babu Shankar and several others started recording at Surang. That’s when the Famous Music Director of Recent times Mr N Kannan also became an Integral Part of Surang.
Surang started doing major Album works for various Music Composers of Chennai namely Ramesh Vinayakam, Chandrabose, Gangai Amaren, L Vaidyanathan.
Surang started doing major Album works for various Music Composers of Chennai namely Ramesh Vinayakam, Chandrabose, Gangai Amaren, L Vaidyanathan
Surang Acquires Video Cameras and Mixing units for Live Shows… Post that Surang has done several Video Ads and Video Productions